Sartorial Compass: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Print Perfection

Maggie G is obviously a fan of print, take her red carpet gowns from here and here, but in today's post you'll see how she wears print in everyday outfits.  

Black blazer, she loves this classic topper.
Dries for days, he's the King of pattern and she is his queen.

On the left she's wearing Proenza Schouler, I love that it probably felt like pajama's to wear but looks really gorgeous at the same time.  I'm all about pajama fashion.  The fur in the center is a favorite look, simple, but  it makes a statement.

I absolutely love that she is fearless about prints, and hope that it never changes.  Just like all of the women I have chosen as Sartorial Compass' she knows what she likes and whether the public likes it or not, she is sticking to her look.  Because seriously, what is the purpose of fashion and style if you yourself don't love what you put on?

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