Sartorial Compass: Leighton Meester, Pattern Me Crazy

As much as Leighton loves a subtle watercolor print she's not one to shy away from bold prints either.  Whether it be a wild Louis Vuitton look from the 2009 Met Gala, or a sleek Vera Wang look and bold skirt she is not afraid of going for something a little crazy!  Check out her best patterned looks below.

First are 3 looks designed by the incomparable Marc Jacobs, the first is from Marc Jacobs spring '11 collection, and the other two are both Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton.  She wore the legging/dress combo for the 2009 Costume Institute Gala at the Met, it embodies everything that the event is meant to be about, high fashion and no holds barred.
Pattern on the bottom here means Proenza x J. Brand jeans, a Vera Wang look, and more Proenza!!
As previously documented Missoni is well known for their killer patterns and Leighton was featured in their Spring 2011 ad campaign.

Leighton is clearly okay with taking risks so never be afraid to go crazy with bold patterns!  Next week make sure to check out the Sartorial Compass as I'll be featuring a few of Leighton & Blair Waldorf's greatest hits!  Check out a couple of bonus looks...

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