Sartorial Compass: Leighton Meester, Watercolor Wonder

A pretty dress can either be ruined or enhanced by a fabric choice.  Leighton Meester knows how to choose a dress based on beautiful textiles.  Often attracted to simple shapes created with ethereal watercolor prints, Leighton will always pull off a pretty dress with this formula.  Take a look at these stunners...
She wore this long sleeved Burberry dress to the Golden Globes this spring, not a favorite look of many critics but I LOVE that it isn't a flashy evening gown.  It also fits her personal style, something that I think many celebs overlook when getting spiffed up for these glitzy events.

Love these sheer sleeves!
So many of these girls have stylists, but I love when you can still see that they have a point of view and they still make sure to wear what they want, and what they're comfortable in.  And when you're able to find patterns in the things that they wear, you know that they have a say.

Lastly, not exactly watercolor but a beautiful yellow-to-gray ombre daisy print velvet dress by Marc Jacobs.  LOVELY, and how cute are these pics of she and Marc. 

photos via and justjared

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