Sister, Sister

This month two sets of sisters are on the covers of Vogue & W Magazine respecitvely.  Mary Kate & Ashley cover a special issue of Vogue's Best Dressed, and the Fanning sisters grace the pages December's W Mag.  All of the photos are insanely gorgeous...and I think there needs to be a power sister shoot at some point featuring all four, take a look!
This is MK & A's first Vogue cover...sort of unbelievable, I hope it's the first of many.

Pretty gorgeous...what do you think?

photos via fashion gone rogue

p.s. today marks 3,000 and counting page views on SartorialRoadmap!!  thanks peeps, and I promise more original "programming" coming up soon...including of all things, an OLD NAVY haul??!!  It's as crazy as it sounds...check back for more!

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