Step Up

 I feel like decorative staircases are a relatively new concept, and in my small scope of mind, are only a big deal because of Pinterest.  Thank you, Pinterest.  Well thought out stair design is how any old interior designer can really step up their game.
 Opening Ceremony does it best in their NYC location.
 The colors jump out so perfectly in both of these photos because of the stark white backdrop. 

 LOVE these stripes.  

 Ombre stairs are so whimsical and pretty. 
Let's throw in some natural looking stairs for good measure.  These are fantastic.  

Are you down to go a little crazy with your staircase?  It is definitely one of those accessorizing your space types of projects, where the tiniest attention to detail makes all the difference.  

photos via decor8, design sponge, desire to inspire

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