Sartorial Compass: Rachel Bilson, Double C Darling

As with many past Sartorial Compass', Rachel Bilson loves and is beloved by the house of Chanel.  Always one to make it her own, she pulls off sparkles and tweed like a pro.
She loves black.  {the strapless is my favorite, such a perfect silhouette}
She loves white.  {hello shimmery tweed fringe}
She loves more black.  {<3 it all, all day everyday}
And she loves shimmers and sparkles all over.  {70's disco queen look on the left is my favorite...and yes she could pass as a ballerina}

To be clear, not everything Chanel is wonderful, but everything Chanel, that she picks is perfect.  There is nothing too girly, or matronly about any of these looks, and she pulls them off with {seemingly} very little effort.  Which Chanel look is your favorite on Ms. Bilson?

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