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If you haven't joined Pinterest yet, you need to get on it fast!  Inspiration abounds for anything from decadent cuisine, home decor, streetstyle, so much streetstyle, and the list could go on for days.  I thought I'd rack up a few of my favorite "Pinners" and some of their recent inspirations.  

 Christene Barberich is the EIC of the wonderful Refinery29, she has wonderful style in all things fashion, home and just about everything in between.  
images via chutzpah rummage and stylesightings
 The lovely ladies over at The Glitter Guide have so much amazing original content as they often get inside peeks at the homes of designers and taste-makers across the country.  
images via the glitter guide and
MaryGene Armstrong is a pretty amazing lady that I met in South Carolina this summer.  Born and raised in the south, she obviously has great taste in home decor, style and of!  Follow her for all things beautiful!
images via fabulous k and houzz
Pennyweight is somewhat of a Pinterest star.  Her style and taste is so in line with mine...what is on her board might as well be on mine, and she covers everything, style design, food, photography!  
images via decor8Miss Moss and blog resipi

If I ate everything on my tasty tasty board I would need to be rolled around town.  So if you haven't yet...get to pinning...and as always come find ME!

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  1. Kelci!! Girl, thanks for the shout out!! Miss you so much--get your fashionable hiney down south and SOON!! xx