And I'm Back in the Game!

Do you remember in early March when I complained about Marni x H&M, that launching on a Thursday was ludicrous and unfair?  Well a week later I wandered into an H&M {and by wandered, I mean walked briskly toward the first sales associate that I spotted}, and blurted out, "I know this is a crazy question, but do you have any Marni x H&M left?"  To which she replied "oh yeah, back here."  

My heartbeat began to quicken as I followed her toward the back of the store.  I perused the small selection of leftovers for all of 30 seconds before I noticed a shoe box atop the clothing rack.


It was THE shoes.  

In a size 9.  MY SIZE.

It took plenty of refolding and shoe box stuffing before I could fit them into my carry-on, but it was worth it.  I felt like I beat H&M at their own game.  Beauties I tell ya, all the Marni style for a fraction of the price.  

Have you had any shopping victories lately?  

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