Prints of Persia

I've become a little bit obsessed with Persian rugs recently.  They are in galleries, shops and homes ALL over Charleston giving the perfect well worn historic feel to their dwelling places.  One of the things I especially love about these rugs is that there are so many colors and patterns throughout that it's difficult (and not advised) to match them with furniture and accessories in a room.  This then causes them to create a seamless way of mixing and matching patterns and colors throughout a space.  Check out the photos I've rounded up of my favorite rug-ged rooms.

Layering the rugs looks fantastic.  Adds texture and color to a room with such simple furnishings!

The only problem with this rugs is how insanely expensive they are...someday...someday.  Jenna Lyons' bedroom also has an amazing rug featured in this post.  

photos via desire to inspire & design sponge

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