No matter how awesome your costume may (or may not be) it never fails that when out for Halloween there are some super clever looks that you can't believe you didn't think of.  So in lieu of this holiday I thought I would post a few of the best (I obviously can't remember all of them, and this is what I could find) Halloween costumes I've seen in years past.

 Lauren Conrad as the Twitter it.
 Jessica Alba as Dora the Explorer.
Brooklyn Decker in as 1/3 of TLC (the early years)...if I remember correctly the costumes were thrown together on the good.
Last year stylist Brad Goreski had the BEST version of blogger Tavi Gevinson!

Lastly a look at a few Halloween's past (too bad for you I couldn't scan photos of myself as Amy March...yeah I had a hoop skirt, you're jealous?  I know) my friends have come up with some clever looks...
Sophomore year of college was quite the hit...a timely representation of Lindsay Lohan circa her first arrest...inappropriate?  Maybe...but history has shown it is the most prepared I've ever been for the holiday (I knew in May!).  That same year my friend Kate hand made a daisy costume (bottom left) and my friend Christen was a dead ringer for Nicole Richie...made even sweeter when she got to add a baby bump.  The following year (put together in minutes) was my representation of Joe Jonas, Kate in a first edition Rachel Zoe costume and Morgan as a Ninja Turtle.  Then came a Halloween in which we ran into this kid named Dan Lee...Asian tourist.  Last year I proudly frolicked around Chicago in a Bayside Tigers t-shirt and Kelly Kapowski bangs with my friend the bumble-bee.

So with that said...HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

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