Lyons Den

Jenna Lyon's home is the interior design equivalent of the thoughts, images and ideas that race through my head non-stop.  As the creative director for J.Crew she obviously spends her time around people with great design aesthetic and perfect style all of the time (not to mention her own phenomenal style), and her home reflects this.  Like the brand itself it's not frilly, but it's gorgeous.

For starters Jenna couldn't be more adorable!

Love the combo of the rustic table and modern seating...

Gorgeous office space, SO in love with the yellow luggage.

I am totally hooked on the idea of black walls in a bedroom...I think it immediately cozies up the space, and with this rug, it is idyllic.  The comforter adds enough light that the room doesn't feel too heavy.  NEED IT NOW.

No words for her "closet" or more appropriately, her dressing room.

photos via British Vogue by Todd Selby

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