Sartorial Compass: Jennifer Connelly, Balenciaga Babe

I ADORE ADORE ADORE Jennifer Connelly.  Looking back at photos of her I'm most impressed that she's hit her style stride from age 35 to now (just over 40!).  She is a designer darling and is strikingly beautiful, making her the perfect canvas for amazing designer creations.  Somewhere along the way Jennifer developed a friendship with Balenciaga creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere, and has since been rocking (and modeling) his designs on red carpets and for the cameras...

Check out her campaigns for the design house from the Spring 2008 line and the Autumn 2009 line...

That Balenciaga Spring collection is the first one that I really remember from them and still is one of my absolute favorite collections.  The Autumn campaign she stars in has a totally different feel, but I love it, and the shoes from that collection were mind blowing!  

Next up is J. Con rocking some Balenciaga on the reg (well her regular that is).....

This is one of my favorite outfits...I'm pretty sure ever.  It's bringing the runway to real life in the coolest/cutest/coziest way!

This dress she wore to the Met Gala (not sure when '09 or '10 maybe?) classic with an architectural twist.

So this week let her compass dare you to be different, wear something that totally surprises even you, and OWN it!  P.S. I'm pretty sure she is the fittest 40 year old I've ever seen...look at those legs!

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