Missoni x Target Shopping List

With exactly 6 days until the launch of Missoni x Target I'm nailing down my wishlist.  I'm less interested in the clothes than I am the home goods...such is life and growing up I guess.  But I thought I'd get it all out there and post my must-haves, my maybe's and the really awkward stuff and see what you think...


First up, the silky kimono top (technically meant for the bedroom), I think it would awesome over a simple black dress or belted with jeans.  The socks I LOVE, I think they'll look so cute with my suede open toed clogs and skinny's!  The trays and the throw are nice touches of Missoni without being overbearing.


So the cocktail set is adorable...but I'm pretty sure my wallet won't permit and I don't use a cocktail shaker in my day-to-day life, I think it would be a better investment for me to buy the cups and saucers.  The notepads and organizational stuff is super cute too, but again, not something that I need and I probably can't afford those things.  The sweater is a men's sweater, but I love it, it's not trying as hard as the women's stuff.  What are your thoughts??  Suggestions (wallet permitting)?


So I really do love Missoni...but WHAT were they thinking with some of these patterns.  The floral pattern is not my favorite, but seems ok in small doses.  The blue is terrible, and the way they styled the outfit with the sweater set and skirt makes me want to cry.  Lastly the outdoor furniture is horrible!  They should have made outdoor furniture seat cushions or something, the whole thing ended up looking cheap.

Last but not least...IN MY DREAMS:

SO cute....oooh man I love it!!  But with a $400 price tag it's definitely not going to happen.  What are you all planning to buy?

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