Girl That Popped the Red Balloon

When Kara and I set out on this photo shoot, she came prepared with a red balloon, and I came prepared with my L'oreal "Target Red" lipstick that I've had for two years and never worn.  We hopped in the car heading to our first spot...within about 30 seconds, my ring popped the balloon...great.  We picked up another balloon and found that our first photo destination was unreachable...bummer!!  On to the next...

This photo was taken against the wall at the Dock Theater...

We found this corridor while wandering down Queen St. and loved the tiled floor, the lantern and the red accents.  Shortly after this photo was taken the second red balloon popped...don't think it was my fault, but it was still sad!

Next up we headed to a wall/side of a house that Kara had noticed before and loved!  I really like this pic!

Climbing up to stand in that window/doorway was a little treacherous but it was worth it for sure!

Kara is so talented and I can't believe that we didn't do more of these photo shoots, because now she is back in Illinois and we're no longer roommates!  Check out her blog here, she has some awesome photos from her time in Charleston, better than any I could dream of taking! 

I'm wearing an ADAM top, a skirt from TJ Maxx and my Cynthia Vincent x Target Wedges from last summer!

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