Sartorial Compass: Jennifer Connelly & Her Bettany Boo

Fashionable couples are too cute for words, take for example a couple at a restaurant that I spotted recently; he was in slim fitting jeans rolled up to show off his cool shoes and plaid shirt, and she in denim cutoffs, grommeted booties a tank and really great hair, their styles were perfectly in sync.  Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly also have a synched up style.  No hoopla, just two people who've been together for a while looking adorable out and about together, take a look at their cutest pictures as a pair...

Paul Bettany is charming and attractive in a somewhat unconventional way...but if you've ever seen the movie Wimbledon then you understand why I adore him.

Love her maternity look in the last photo, and they're so young!  

The couple that rocks coordinating leather looks together...stays together.

Love the last pic, pretty much I just like them as a couple soo yeah, no sartorial message other than AWW.

photos via: justjared, splash and the internet

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