Super Saturday

Last week Saturday was my first Saturday off in quite some time, so I made BIG plans!  Earlier in the week I had been running errands for my internship and stumbled upon the flier for the "Holy City Artist & Fleas" flea market.  And there was a restaurant I had been dying to try for a while so around noon I set out on my day.

Eye Level Art is a little bit gallery, music venue and flea market.  It's the perfect place for this, and I enjoyed wandering and looking around.  The jewelry above was so pretty, and I loved the way it was displayed, a beautiful organized mess.

Indigo & Cotton is my favorite store that I can't shop at...sadly it's just for the dudes, but eye candy nonetheless.  Cool brands, amazing ties, I love it!

In this Charleston neighborhood that is part run-down and part adorable I also stumbled upon Mac & Murphy a local paper company, they carry some things by Paper Source and so so so many adorable cards.  My favorite find was the Pantone post cards.

I walked past this beautiful house and couldn't help myself from taking the pic!

My trigger fish sandwich at Two Boroughs Larder was DELISHHHH!  I will definitely be going back there, I loved it! 

Love this photo of the graveyard.  And last but not least..........

The Michigan v. Notre Dame game was AMAAAAAZING.  The absolute perfect way to cap off my day...and my new tee has been deemed a good luck charm!  Another super Saturday is here (and today it feels like fall!!!!)...enjoy it!

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