Sartorial Compass: Gwen Stefani

Gwen has been blazing her own fashion trail since the early 90's during her No Doubt days.  Then she went solo and got even more adventurous with her style (love angel music baby?  b a n a n a s?!).  Now she is probably the coolest mom around, chilling with her two super cool kids on a daily basis...her oldest son Kingston most recently rocked a blue mohawk.

Other than a blue hair phase in 1998 and a pink hair phase in 2000 she has pretty much stuck with platinum blonde which totally suits her.  As you can see black and white are pretty much her jam, but when she does throw in color she kills it!

I mean HELLO Vivienne Westwood wedding dress that is dip dyed pink at the bottom!  And then there's one of the best dresses to ever walk the Grammy red carpet, the animal print L.A.M.B. dress below, it's easy to get it right when you design your own dress I suppose!

In her day to day life she often goes for a bit of a tomboy look but always reigns it back in with girly touches like pristine hair and makeup.  She never fails to be a knockout on the red carpet...and at her wedding, so if we're lucky maybe they'll renew their vows!!  

If you're looking to be sartorially guided by Gwen this week remember that black and white never fails, red lips everyday (ok maybe just once this week) but literally she has them in every photo, and bold prints can work on anyone!  Today I leave you with a still from No Doubt's video for "Don't Speak" it's classic Gwen Stefani in the 90's!

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