Residents of the Runway: Seriously Feminine

This edition of Residents of the Runway was originally inspired by one house.  I noticed it the first time I was in Charleston in May and it melted my heart.  It is so adorable, its address is 82 1/2 also cute, and it's nestled right in between two other homes making it super cozy too.  There's really nothing else to say except for prepare to fall in love...

This is another precious house that I passed by on a walk once upon a time.  Both of these homes are perfect examples of another one of the big Spring/Summer 2011 trends (that they obviously set); frills, florals and pink all rolled up into one.  Typically those three words are not in my vocabulary, but how could you possibly dislike any of these darling dresses??

So in love with the Nina Ricci confection on the right, all I want to do is wear it and dance ALL NIGHT...and I'm being serious because I LOVE to dance.

This is where the flowers come in, so pretty and romantic!  And the Valentino dress in the center is just too cute I couldn't resist featuring it on Sartorial Roadmap twice (first seen here on Ginnifer Goodwin).  I don't know what it is about Summer 2011 but I find myself gravitating a lot more to pink than ever before.  I'm going to chock it up to a trend, instead of assuming an entire change of lifestyle...however, for your piece of mind go forth and invest in frills and floral's because they're not going anywhere soon!

photos via (dresses l to r antonio berardi, nina ricci, marc jacobs, valentino, d&g)

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