Major Summer Craving...

Since the 4th of July I've had a longing for strawberry shortcake...real life shortcake biscuits.  So when I got the chance to make dessert tonight for my small group in Charleston I knew I had to make the 'cake.  And just to forewarn you this is a poorly photographed food post because I'm a bit of a spastic baker, I'm not comfortable enough in baking in general to feel totally in control yet (especially when I only have about 2 square feet of free counter space...if that).

I went to to for my initial search for recipes.  I came up with two, one is this Paula Deen recipe from which I only used the part about the berries, the other food network recipe is this one from which I took the idea of the low-fat buttermilk because it's a healthier option than half & half or heavy whipping cream.  Then I remembered to check Joy the Baker and found this recipe from which I took pretty much everything else...and also used when half of my strawberries were bad (California Giant Berry are horrible) the rest of the blackberries that I had in my fridge.

The results:

They turned out delicious and satisfied my craving for sure...but I'm already thinking of ways to tweak the recipe for next time!  Also for next time I promise to take photos of the process!

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