Sartorial Compass: Ginnifer Goodwin

This week's Sartorial Compass is none other than last week's S.C. (sartorial compass...just checking to see if ya'll are paying attention) Chloe Sevigny's t.v. life sister-wife, Miss Ginnifer Goodwin.  A beloved cover girl of one of  my all time favorite mag's (and one of a few dream employers) Lucky, it's safe to say that I first discovered my adoration for Ginnifer on their pages.

In many of her television and movie roles she plays an average looking woman with dowdy taste, nowhere near her actual daring style sensibility.  But as a true Southern lady she is always polished in a funky (but never raunchy) way, and she knows how to accentuate her curves (especially in the striped dress!).  Below are my favorite G. Goodwin looks, let her guide you to a classic yet quirky place this week...

As evidenced by the photos below, Ginnifer is not afraid of color, or daring haircuts.  The orange dress is from the Premiere of "He's Just Not That Into You" and it is one of my all-time favorite dress moments ever!  Also the emerald Topshop dress at the Met Gala this year was so stunning, and the pink Valentino is such perfectly girly way to counteract her tough 'do.

So this week when you use Ginnifer as inspiration wear bright colors, try something a little bit crazy with your hair, and accentuate your assets!!

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  1. Ah, I love Ginnifer Goodwin! That orange dress, that purple dress.. gimme!