Stripes + Stripes = Style Stars

Stripes are one of those "trends" that actually never go away.  I mean let's get serious the nautical look is ALWAYS in for summer.  They are however manifested in different ways each year, in 2011 stripes are thick, they're thin and best of all THEY'RE MIXED.  Together in a million different colors and sizes stripes were made to blow minds this year.

All of the photos below were already saved in my fashion inspiration folder so I figured I should share them since it was a huge trend for summer, and probably won't go away for a little while!

Elle France via Fashion Gone Rogue
via fashion gone rogue
via vanessa jackman?  i think...
via sincerely jules
With Jules I like the mixing of the two unrelated patterns.  It's an easy trend to try because of the classic shirt and the way that the black stripes tie into the black of the skirt.  Anybody willing to give mixing stripes a go?

And in case you didn't believe that I painted my nail to look like a firework for the 4th of July, here is photo evidence!!


  1. I love everything about the fourth picture!! the skirt is amazing. I would wear a solid top with it without thinking twice, but the black and white stripes are perfect. I also like how fitted the skirt is compared with the loose baggy top. and her bracelets are cool... and her bag. yep I love it.

  2. Thanks bailee i love that one too! she is one of my favorite bloggers! (