Pop of Red

Until about maybe a year or six months ago I could safely say that I didn't like the color red much at all...however that viewpoint has entirely changed at this point.  Whether it be in home decor, or the smallest (or biggest) touch of red in a simple outfit, I find myself gravitating towards red pieces everywhere I go.

I often dream of the day that I finally have an apartment/condo/or house with which I have total freedom to decorate.  I dream that I will paint the master bedroom colors including but not limited to brown/black/charcoal and white (obviously this is not a concrete plan) and punctuating the room with reds/oranges/and possibly pinks for good measure.  Here are some of my favorite uses of red to date...

I think a clutch or a bag is always such a great way to make a statement, and then if you can find a great red one that is what we call a game changer.  

This red chair seriously blows my mind and I will probably be on a mission for something like it for the rest of my life.

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