Bastille My Heart

Happy Bastille Day to the five people of France who have read Sartorial Roadmap.  I'd like to take this chance to celebrate all things French in honor of the day that the people of France stormed the Bastille in what began the French Revolution.  P.s. I am not the genius that came up with the title of this post.  It was Suzi from OPI,  Bastille My Heart is a color from OPI's France collection (my personal favorite from the collection is Louvre Me Louvre Me Not).

I'll begin my ode to France with a line from the ever quotable, and melodramatic Blair Waldorf (episode 1, season 2 of GG) "I would be in my Cabana at the Hotel de Cat, and there he would be.  Amid all of the fireworks on Bastille Day, all I could see was that.....Chuck Bass-tard."

A few of my favorite French things:

These two photos are from my trip to Paris in 2005.

A photo from the Tuileries during Fashion Week...there's just something about that vast dusty field that creates the best photos of models/editors/stylists going to and from shows.

The photo of the lavender field comes from the Free People blog and I think it looks like the most magical place to spend a few days!!  Croissants...yep they're tasty, yep they're French.

Last but not least a painting that I studied in my first art history class, At the Moulin Rouge by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.  My professor Tamsen Anderson is one of my favorites to this day, she had an intense haircut with bangs and never wore makeup except for red lipstick, she was super cool, not to mention her phenomenal name!

Honorable mentions for my Bastille Day celebration, brie (one of my favorite things EVER but there were no good pics), the Seine (walks along the seine, laughing in the rain, our last summer...anyone, anyone?), and all of the fashion houses that are too great in number to attempt listing.  Have a beautiful Bastille Day, drink some wine, eat some cheese and look at more pretty pictures of France!

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  1. Bastille my heart....I LOVE it!!! and LOVE your tribute!! Brandon is hilarious with her nail color names too....she knows them all, I swear. Have a great weekend!!