Sartorial Compass: Rihanna

Today's Sartorial Compass is one day late, but I couldn't resist posting this anyways.  I took a little blogging break for a sweet wedding ceremony in which I got to travel back to Michigan to attend.  I spent an awesome long weekend with some of my best friends, and my family!  A post featuring some photos of dreamy (and pure) West Michigan to come!

So let's get down to business...Sartorial Compass features a bit of an edge today, a far cry from the SUPER classy Diane Kruger last week.  Today I want to highlight Rihanna's fab and fearless dressing.  (Diane and Rihanna do happen to own the same roaring panther bathing suit, so maybe they're not so different after all...)  Rihanna has gone through some MAJAH style evolutions, but I think her latest looks are the greatest because let's get real, there's nothing cooler than a girl who can rock the edgiest all black running around in massive white tulle concoction, and crazy orange pants, but she can pull it off.  My favorite Riri looks are documented below....

I love how daring she is with color, the colorblocked pants and top above is one of my favorites and the blue Zac Posen dress below was one of her first home runs!  

Which Rihanna look is your fave?  So some Rihanna tips for this week...animal print always, BRIGHT colorblocking, and obviously some red hair!!

See these two do have similar taste!!  But who wore it best?

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  1. Lots of great looks there, but socks with pumps - I wish I'd dared when I was "youngah"...saw it all over Europe about 35 years ago. Thought it rocked then.

    I like the great pencil skirt with the white top and great necklace. Wearable.

    I could have used socks last night when I wore some great new shoes to the U-2 gig in E. Lansing.