Sartorial Compass: Diane Kruger

As a way of getting the week off to a great start I present Sartorial Compass.  A Sartorial Compass is somebody who has a knack for style, is always pulled together but often with a twist, and she has something that makes her extra special.  I suppose there are dude sartorial compasses too, their time will come.  Ryan Gosling anybody?

Diane Kruger has been ruling red carpets and just plain kicking it in great looks for years.  Once a model, always a muse, she has since gone on to star in some great films (Inglorious Basterds, National Treasure...).  Below I've put together some photos of her in daytime looks, and red-carpet stunners.  She's a chameleon for sure and can rock whatever she wants (from jcrew in one look, to a biker jacket in another, casual get the idea).

Because she is Diane Kruger and an actress I have to throw in red carpet looks.  She's in the "I'm so cool, I have impeccable style, and am friends with designers so I don't need a stylist" category of chic-ness.  Just another reason to have mad-respect for her, obviously on top of the fact that her better half is Charlie Conway/Pacey Whitter/Joshua Jackson.  

My absolute favorites are the white Calvin Klein (top/center) the pink lace in the corner with the turquoise shoes...LOVE.  Also the pink Calvin Klein (bottom/center) and the white Chanel to the right of it...but they're all amazing and I hope that they can inspire you and your style during the week ahead.  Just remember: hats, bright solids, and a little bit of embellishment here and there!

photos courtesy of popsugar, and the internet...

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