Sartorial Roadtrip: Charleston, SC

As many of you know, I have just moved to South Carolina for the summer, or until a real-life full-time job comes about.  So on May 30th,  2011 my Dad and I began our trek down to Charleston.  Sadly my camera was not prepared for such eloquent Kentucky road signs as (this is absolutely no lie): "Big Bonelick State Park," and "Stinking Creek."  I also wish I would have captured a photo of the kindest, most interesting Arby's employee that I have ever met, Chadwick was his name.  My lil' Canon was however prepared for the BEAUTIFUL drive through Appalachia.

For many reasons Kentucky is an interesting place, what Steve-o and I didn't realize is that they're very active in forewarning drivers, for example while on the highway in Kentucky we saw a sign for an up-coming tunnel, we didn't reach said tunnel until North Carolina.  Thanks for giving me ample time to prepare the camera!

We checked out downtown Asheville and loved it, it's like a more hippie version of Saugatuck, Mi.

And now I'm in Charleston and I met this lil' fella at the beach!!  Can you spot him?  He was definitely camera shy!

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