Welcoming The Chaos

Yesterday, with only four days to spare before it closes, I made my way uptown to see the Costume Institute's Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibit.  I wasn't expecting to be struck in quite the way that I was, but the punk movement was just so shocking in its time, both in attitude and style, and then to see how it's inspired fashion throughout the next 30 years was amazing to see.  It seems in some way magical, yet so simple, that a designer now can look at something that happened so many years ago, and find just enough inspiration to take it, make it their own, and create something entirely modern.
 "Punk's legacy lies in its questioning of traditional representations of beauty and fashion."
I was most looking forward to seeing these Dolce & Gabanna dresses in person, they are stunning on a whole different level, and so intricate.  

"Effectively, punk democratized creativity and invention.  It broke all the rules and allowed anything to be possible." 

So this now begs the question, can anything like punk ever happen again?

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