My Insta-Life: The 4th & Beyond

 July was a perfect month filled with a visit home to see my amazing family and some friends, and a visit from two of my favorite people.  This is just a peek at what happened on Instagram last month, but if you want to stay updated on the daily, follow me here

New shoes, and a wine + berry filled girls night kicked the month off right.

 My trip home was punctuated with many trips to the beach, and a neighborhood fireworks spectacular.  And if you don't believe that beaches are a thing in Michigan, I invite you to watch this tear-jerking, goosebump-inducing, Pure Michigan commercial.

 Boat rides were enjoyed with the best people.

 Saying goodbye to the sandy shores, and crystal clear Lake Michigan water was tough, but then I got to come back and work an event for Banana Republic featuring their gorgeous Holiday 2013 offering.

 Towards the end of the awful New York heatwave, I hit the beach with some friends.  It was perfect. 
 Later in the week, friends and I convened at Brooklyn Bridge park for a night of laughter, and amazing conversation, with some pretty perfect views.  A sunset, and Ample Hills ice cream are really all one needs for a blissful evening.

FRIENDSSSSS!! The Jenny's came to town, and it was wonderful.  At work we had to say goodbye to one of the "dolls," and we fittingly brought Barbie's footwear out on the town with us. 

The month ended with a quiet night at home enjoying fresh flowers, and a new candle.  

Can't wait for what this final month of summer brings, p.s. how is it already August??  

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