Exploring Austin: Shop It Out

On my first day in Austin, I set out to shop.  I was super excited to explore the two spots that came most recommended, Feathers Boutique, and Uncommon Objects.  First up, Feathers, a boutique filled to the brim with vintage, I walked in assuming that I wouldn't be able to afford anything because it's really well merchandised, but the pieces were gorgeous and the prices were awesome.  The gold dress was magical, but it was just small enough that I couldn't make it work.  Next up, since I can't resist a midi-skirt in a bright color, I had to try this one.  
But the game changer of the whole trip are these cropped palazzo pants.  They're a breezy summer dream, and I couldn't help myself from wearing them two days in a row already this week...

Next up I got my antique-ing on.  If somebody had awarded me a $10,000 shopping budget for this trip, I probably could have used it all here, and redecorated my entire apartment.  The candelabra and "There's No Place Like Home" pieces were extremely hard for me to resist. 

I'll be back again someday, but in the meantime I'll just be drooling over the contents of their blog.  

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