Exploring Austin: Seeing the Sights

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter {if not, migrate over to the right hand column... :)}, it comes as no surprise that I spent this past weekend in Austin, Tx.  It was my first visit to the Lone Star State, and I must say, I was smitten {but by no means ready to relocate, Allie Morris Nute!}, and took plenty of photos to prove it.  I used my days to explore the city {did some shopping too, I'll show you more tomorrow!}, and to eat some delicious food!  First up, I meandered through the courtyards of Hotel San Jose, the perfect oasis from a bustling South Congress, and sprinkled with dreamy minimalist furniture and design details.
 Saturday, on a mission to experience breakfast at Cisco's {delicious}, I wandered through East Austin.  A relatively quiet part of town, but filled to the brim with good food, awesome buildings, and pretty sick street art. 

Next up, time to meet the prettiest lady in all of Austin, The State Capitol.  With her rose colored stone and subtle but striking detail, she's the most stunning building in the city.  My favorite part of wandering through the building may have been spotting the Lone Star on just about every possible surface, doorknobs, light fixtures, benches, you name it.  
How did you spend your weekend?