My Instagram Life: April Showers

 Spring took over my life this month and the city bewitched me a bit more with each passing {beautiful} day.  Here's a look at what went down in my life this past month as represented on Instagram.  

Up above, I rocked my Michigan pride while supporting the Wolverines in their quest for a national championship, also seen here.  The below throwback pic was a birthday shout out to my big brother, how cute are we?!

 A perfect spring scene in my neighborhood and later in the week, I rocked my new fave summer accessory, a $5 vintage scarf, also seen here.

 Spent a Sunday with friends enjoying a new restaurant and running into some sick rides.

 On what was likely the last day for tights until this fall, I rocked a slight school girl look...

It's been a goal to meet up with friends and have lunch outside at least once during the work week and it is doing wonders. That one hour is pretty magical, NYC just knows how to tug on these heart strings...

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