There's Just Something About Flowers

 I don't know what it is but I can't get enough of flowers. Ever. Fresh flowers, painted flowers, floral printed clothes of all sorts, I suppose it may be the intense presence of Spring, or the realization that my childhood tomboy phase has disappeared 122%.  

Today I was perusing my "visual inspiration" board on Pinterest and came upon the above image that I am head over heels about, so I clicked around to find more from the painter. Leanne Shapton spent years as an art director, a travel columnist for Elle Magazine, and currently contributes a food and culture column to Canadian fashion magazine, Flare. What I love about her pieces, paintings ranging from watercolors to oil, is the gloomy but quirky aspect that each project.  There's something freakish about the dark details infused with blinding neons that I can't get enough of, what do you think?

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