My Instagram Life: Birthday Month!

February is my birthday month and one of the best months of the year in my opinion.  So many great things happen, The Superbowl, Fashion Week, The Grammy's, Valentine's Day (someday this will be great...), my birthday and the Oscars.  Then there are all the other great things that happen in between...
Superbowl Sunday meant tasty treats for all! Brie, mini pizzas and blueberry crisp were consumed in mass quantities.

I've discovered my new favorite Thursday night activity...BINGO.

Fashion week!

Office bonding means we all get to wear a crown of pink roses...

The greatest thing of all was "Nemo" the "blizzard."  6 inches of snow brings out the kid in everybody.

Valentine's are the best.

Pre-birthday weekends at cabins, also the best.

Birthday dessert for the big 2-5 and birthday "treats" in jewelry form.
I'm so grateful to have had such a wonderful birthday month, thanks to all who helped me celebrate!  Cheers to March and all that it brings (hopefully spring!).

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