Recipes I'm Perfecting

I've never been much of a cook or baker, but I've been leaning into both crafts lately and really trying because it's so much better to be able to surprise your friend with homemade peanut butter pie for their birthday than anything else.  Check out a few of my favorite recipes of late, below.

I tried this Goat Cheese Pasta recipe from Two Peas & Their Pod last night for the first time.  The roasted mushrooms are the best ingredient, with goat cheese coming in at a close second.  It also involves fresh basil and spinach.  I'm excited to see how I can continually perfect this, and if it stands the test of time over the next couple of days as I finish it.  

The Quinoa Mac & Cheese from Around the Table has been a favorite in my apartment recently.  I typically add in broccoli and spinach and have just recently begun adding scallions, my only edit to this recipe is to sub in either goat cheese or cream cheese for the extra half cup of cheddar it asks for, it makes it just a bit more creamy.  It's delicious and feeds me over the course of 4-5 days.  

Grapefruit Margaritas are obviously not a meal, but are delicious nonetheless.  I am pleased to report that they were a hit during the cabin weekend of winter 2013.  Thanks to There Goes The Cupcake for the fantastic recipe! 

Last, but most certainly not least is my new favorite dessert, the aforementioned Creamy Peanut Butter Pie thanks to the lovely people at Spoon Fork Bacon.  When mascarpone cheese, peanut butter and homemade whipped cream come together in one recipe {among other things} it is a truly life changing experience.  This is a MUST MAKE for any upcoming event that requires dessert.  

You can find these and all of the other recipes that make my mouth water on my Pinterest board, "tasty, tasty," you can thank me later.

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