My Instagram Life: January

January was fun, cold and busy...
En route to the airport, I captured the city lights and the speed of New York all in one shot.
I traveled back to Michigan to celebrate the life of my Grandpa with my entire family. I love this picture of my Grandparents, they look so smitten with one another.

I get excited every time I have to change terminals in Detroit because I know that this is waiting for me!

I trekked to Philadelphia with a friend for the day for some furniture thrift shopping. We got to see some of the city, and I walked away with a massive gold framed mirror for $20.  Dinner was delicious at The Dandelion with THIS awesome girl.

Spending hours at the Guggenheim was an MLK day well spent.  

A couple of friends hosted my roommate and I for homemade thai food, so delish!

Last weekend a college friend came to town, and drinks were had.  Margaritas at Barrio Chino are NOT to be missed!

A friends birthday called for some pie, and I answered... Luckily there was filling for my roomie and I to enjoy mini-pies!  I used this recipe, and no lie, it is heavenly.
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