My Instagram Life: What Happened in November

November was a busy month, and my Instagram feed proves it.  Take a look at some of my fave November memories!  p.s. Instagram also had a big month when they launched web profiles...check me out:
 Things at Attention became even more legit than this!
 Election Day 2012 went down, and I felt very patriotic.
 This sunset (taken from our Soho office) was pretty phenomenal.
 I spent a lovely afternoon at the Met.
 I honored 1992 with an outfit tribute.

 I was reunited with an old friend in town from Finland! 
 I flew.
 Spent time with some lovely ladies at the dirtiest bar in Holland, Mi...
 Thanksgiving was delicious.
 I cuddled with my cute little buddy.
I finally got stuff together enough in my bedroom, and bought myself flowers to celebrate!  

November Key Learning: Never underestimate the power of buying yourself fresh blooms.

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