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It has been just over two years since I graduated from DePaul University.  In those two years I have spent about 10 months working in a boutique in Chicago, 4 months working at a PR firm in Charleston as well as a boutique, 3 months living with my parents in Michigan, and the past 6 months interning in New York.  

I've had amazing adventures, and lived in moments that I will treasure forever, but it hasn't been all fun.  Finding the "right" path in life is really, really difficult, and shouldn't be taken lightly.  I'm happy for the journey that I've been on, as hard and endless as it has felt at times, but I am totally elated to tell you that I am officially an employed lady!!  Full-time, salary and all!  One week ago, after my weekend spent at home with some of the people that I love most in the world, I was offered a full-time position as an Associate at Attention!  I get to work with an INSANELY talented and FUN group of ladies 5 days a week, and I am SO fortunate to continue to live this New York adventure everyday.  

Please enjoy some photos of me over the years, they have all been building for this moment:

 THUMBS UP PEOPLE. {Clockwise from top left: I just met Zac Posen, I'm at a Jo-Bro concert, Pablo Neruda's house, and my first fried pickle...all great moments in history}.
 I'm pretty much never going to stop dancing... {Notable moments: a night full of dancing with friends, moments before I gazed deeply into the eyes of Kanye West, C&A ladeez reunion, dance floor at a wedding}.
Or jumping, exclaiming, cheering {cheerleading}, or generally being pumped about life.  {What is happening here: reuniting with my pals, Halloween as Kelly Kapowski, happy 22nd birthday to me, pumped}.

In other news, I refuse to let another weekend pass without a visit to the Met to see Impossible Conversations, and before the week is through, I will upload a new outfit post.

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