GANT Get Enough

The other day, after swooning over the coolness level of GANT's creative direcor, Christopher Bastin, a coworker brought to my attention the fact that his coolness has no limits.  His home decor skills {along with his artist wife's}are also pretty stellar, please enjoy the perfect-ness of his haphazard, yet wonderful Swedish home.  

How can everything match so poorly, yet look so spot on??
I love the contrast of the bright, bold and graphic piece, against the moody, impressionistic piece.

Nooks are my favorite...

 This old school bathroom is just so freaking charming.

 Please sit and and enjoy your morning coffee on the most perfect balcony.
 And when one thinks that the coolness has come to the an end, you realize that OF COURSE their building is pink and adorable on the outside.  Are you as charmed by this as I am?

photos via Ekenstam

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