My Instagram Life | Final Remnants of Summer & First Taste of Fall

Despite much of August being dedicated to finding a new apartment, I managed to have some amazing meals and amazing nights as I rounded out the summer.  Have a look below...
My flight back to Michigan in August was beautiful.
A day spent along the shores of West Michigan was the perfect way to start a hectic wedding week!
Brother got married. :)
Summer Friday happy hour went down at Brinkley's.
I love Brooklyn.  This is one of my all time favorites.
I spent the weekend at a camp upstate.
We said "see you later" to an amazing co-worker & mentor, love you Casey!
Clueless happened at Brooklyn Bridge Park!
I moved from my first NY apartment.
After said move, we returned a 17 ft. U-Haul to Chelsea.  This involved driving through Chinatown, and this madness in Soho. A mirror may have been broken at some point in the journey.....
I attended my first shows this Fashion Week season.
I spent Fashion's Night Out trolling around Manhattan & Brooklyn with my Attention gal pals!
 A lovely Saturday was spent at a party in the park.
I enjoyed a cupcake & a glass of Pinot Noir for dinner at Sweet Revenge this week, so incredibly delicious!

Happy, "I can't believe September is almost over," day!  Because honestly, how absurd that it's September 27 already?  Fall is officially here, and I'm loving every minute of this crisp weather, come find me on Instagram @kelcitaylor for all of my TBD autumn in New York photos!

Also, Happy Birthday to my amazing Mom!  Love you & miss you!

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