Sartorial Compass: Nicole Richie, Fairytale

Weddings are a lifetime in the making for many girls, whether you want your day to be small and simple, or grand and glamorous.  Nicole Richie went for grand and glamorous, and did it with insane style.  

 Nicole's gown was inspired by Grace Kelly's, with a similar satin waistband and lace top, but Nicole's tulle skirt was all her own.  
 It had always been her dream to have an elephant at her wedding...
The skirt came off for the reception to reveal a slim fitting full lace gown.  
My absolute favorite part of her custom made gown?  Their names embroidered into her sleeve.

In only 6 days, I'll be celebrating my brother's wedding and welcoming a sister into my family! I cannot wait to be a part of their perfect day.  

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