Miuccia & Elsa

A couple of weeks ago I made it to the Met to visit the Costume Institute's exhibit Impossible Conversations.  The exhibit was based around conversations that Miuccia and Elsa might have had if they'd been designing in the same era, Elsa died in 1973.  Their foundations are similar, they're both Italian, and both fell into the fashion and design world accidentally, and many of their philosophies on design are very much on par with one another.
 I took these photos illegally, so pardon the poor quality...  One of the most interesting parts of the exhibit was Waist Up/Waist Down, it focused on Elsa's designs being most interesting above the waist, where Prada features many of her most intricate details below the waist.  Schiaparelli was most famous for her jackets and hats, where Prada is famous for intensely detailed bottoms and her shoes, OHHH HER SHOES.  
 Schiaparelli on the left, Prada right.
 Schiaparelli, party on the top.
Schiaparelli left, Prada on the right. 
I loved the portion of the exhibit titled Ugly Chic.  Prada is the queen of this, so outrageous and outlandish that you look at something and think it's hideous, but you can't stop staring, and then you end up falling in love.  

"If I have done anything, it is to make ugly appealing.  In fact most of my work is concerned with destroying - or at least deconstructing - conventional ideas of beauty.  Of the generic appeal of the beautiful, glamorous, bourgeois woman.  Fashion fosters cliches of beauty, but I want to tear them apart." - Miuccia Prada
 About her Spring 2011 collection that she thought critics would absolutely hate, {it turned out to be the exact opposit} she said, "People are much more ready to accept craziness than people believe."
 "Ninetey per cent of [of women] are afraid of being conspicuous and of what people will say.  So they buy a grey suit.  They should dare to be different.  Although I am very shy...I have never been shy of appearing in public in the most fantastic and personal getup." - Elsa Schiaparelli 
Prada left & center, Schiaparelli on the right.
I think my favorite part of the exhibit was walking through and reading Prada, and Schiaparelli's thoughts on fashion and beauty, and what they wanted people to understand from their clothes.

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