Let's Talk Streetstyle: PFW '12

Here we are in Paris.  The final installment of fashion month's edition of "Let's Talk Streetstyle."  Nothing like a few killer style shots from the Parisian Tuilleries, where the detail shots are second to none.  Have a look, below, at a few of my favorites...

Love that the neon necklace makes two appearances in the collage above!  And the Givenchy rottweiler jacket in the upper left-hand is so perfect paired with chambray.  
Bags, bags, bags...which is your favorite?  I'm leaning toward the pink Celine.
Miroslava is at it yet again, this time color-blocking like a pro!

Favorite looks from the fashion month of streetstyle?  There really is no better inspiration for getting dressed in the morning than taking a look at some of the most fearless players in the game.  

Happy Wednesday, hope this helps you make it through!

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