Sartorial Compass: Liv Tyler & The Cool Kids

Perk #1 of being the daughter of a rockstar?  You have common ground with another cool kid of a rock star, Stella McCartney.  Perk #2 of being the daughter of a rockstar {also a very talented actress, and cool mom}, being pals with other cool kid designers, i.e. Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy and the, getting cooler every passing day, boys of Proenza Schouler.  It's been fun rediscovering why I love Liv and her style all month, check out her final installment of Sartorial Compass...

Liv looks pulled together, but not serious in a Swiss dotted Stella dress on the left.  Then she goes for crazy {but somehow still classic} in Givenchy's rottweiler sweater with, of course, another blazer.  I love that the next look is a beautiful black evening gown at first glance, but she gives some secret leg when you look close enough.    
Of course here Liv is looking awesome again, first in Proenza Schouler {one of the coolest, and most flattering dresses of Fall 2012}.  The middle two looks are more Givenchy, the gown she wore to this years Met Gala {a far cry from her minimal CK dresses of years past}.

I love that she can pull a Givenchy Haute Couture dress off at one event, and go for a simple black dress and blazer at the next.  One thing that is special about many of the Sartorial Compass girls is that they know what they like and they wear it, Liv is the same way.  She looks gorgeous in pretty much anything, and I hope to see her around the acting world again soon!!  Speaking of acting, stay tuned for an Oscar's round up soon!

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