Sartorial Compass: Kate Bosworth, Casual Cool

Kate Bosworth is January's Sartorial Compass, she is the embodiment of casual coolness.  One of the more photographed females in Hollywood, she's often caught at the airport and running errands on the daily.  So below you'll see her best casual looks and you may even even find inspiration for your next trip to the airport!
 Kate is a huge fan of American classics {denim, plaid etc...}but always with a touch of something special, like you know, gold studs, Isabel Marant sweaters etc...
The girl also knows how to travel well.  Blousy, breezy pieces, reading materials and layers!  The Proenza jacket in the upper left corner gets me ever time, oh and always a killer pair of shoes!  May she remind you never to forget the classics, and ALWAYS remember your sunglasses!

Enjoy your New Year's day, and the onslaught of football and festivities during the next 48 hours!

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