Sartorial Roadtrip: New York City, NY

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, life gets hectic when you have to move!  Thought I would share just a few photos from the ride.  We left yesterday around 7 am from Holland, MI, drove through the town that houses the reigning Sugar Bowl Champions the Michigan Wolverines, Ann Arbor, MI.  From there we continued down the Ohio turnpike and through the Appalachian Mountains in the scenic state of Pennsylvania.  Last night we stayed in a town called Bethlehem, PA (my dad and I got a kick out of this, we were going on for a while with Christmas story jokes).  Anyways, just a few photos before we set off on the remainder of our journey, and the actual moving part...

Our first sign for NYC way back in Ohio.

Can't wait to share more photos with you, and be moved into my new apartment.  Also, in case you were worried, we were able to squeeze lil' miss dress form into the rented Suburban so she will be joining me for this next chapter.

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