First Week Wardrobe

So if you haven't caught on quite yet, I moved to New York this week.  I currently reside in Brooklyn and thus far the experience has proven to be wonderful.  Today I'll give you a look at my two favorite outfits from my first week of work.

Day 1: I wanted to make sure that I was dressed up enough, but also somewhat casual.  Not all of my clothes or shoes had quite made it to NY I needed to make due with what I had.  Piece 1) Madewell skirt - Christmas present and Piece[s] 2) J. Crew Miller Motorcycle Boots, I haven't yet determined how best to wear a midi-skirt in the winter with tights without making it all look too heavy so I opted for the skirt-over-boot option.  From there I added a black Gap t-and J.Crew wool band jacket.  Necklaces are from Stella + Dot and J.Crew.

Day 4: Last Thursday I was feeling the urge to go 90's...  American Apparel skirt, J.Crew chambray shirt, H&M sweater and a Stella & Dot necklace.  I finished the look off with my faux Frye's from Target (not photographed).  Not sure if it was the time of day, or the fact that I don't have as nice of a backdrop here or what...but I NEED a new camera...  I totally used effects to disguise the poor quality of the images...

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