Decorating Around My Duvet

Spring Break 2007 my mom and I ventured to Philadelphia for a few days and while visiting we stopped at an Ikea, at which I purchased my lovely and vibrant duvet cover.  Said duvet cover has now seen me through 3 Chicago apartments, a 4 month long move to Charleston, SC, and its next big adventure will be to the Big Apple. This time I vow to fully settle in and make the place my home.  In order to do this I plan on purchasing a couple of rugs, something I've always wanted to add to my rooms (3/4 of them have had wood floors) but I can never commit to because they're so expensive.  Today I came across a few at Urban Outfitters that I'm considering.

Pictured above is my duvet cover, stripes of purple, orange and a touch of citrus populate the fabric.  What do you think about these, and the possibility of layering the rugs to multiply floor coverage?  

The chevron rug is the largest (also probably the busiest), I wish Urban had it available in a dark purple...but would it be completely crazy to do the orange chevron and then these two smaller rugs (that are both under $40)?  I'm just not sure what else to do.

Also throwing this last one is as a wildcard entry, because it's pretty awesome.  Does anybody have suggestions, or ideas of where to find inexpensive rugs?  

P.S. this is my 100th blog post on  Thanks for continuing to read,, I can't wait to see what the new year holds!  
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  1. That Chevron one is superb! When/what/tellll meeee about the big apple!

    ps.... my discount can come in handy for these!

  2. the discount sounds superb...I will keep you updated :)