Sartorial Roadtrip: St. Louis

So I guess since I was there a month ago I should hop to getting these photos up.  I've decided that for sartorial roadtrips from this point on, I really need to make it a point to take photos of the "Welcome to ___" signs.  Anyways, in mid-October my family took a quick lil' trip to St. Louis for my cousins wedding.  We got to spend time with our awesome family down there, check out a few of my favorite photos from the weekend!

First order of business?  Take a trip to southern ILLINOIS (yes we left the state of Missouri for this gem) so that my cousin could show us the ropes at Wild Country...he's the cowboy on the right.  The band was great, and the singer definitely thought she was Stevie Nicks.  

Saturday morning we spent exploring, and gawking.  Right next to Forest Park is this amazzzzing neighborhood, Central West End, that is teeming with mansions and old money.  

One of my favorites from the day...the stone was rose colored, and the entrance was gorgeous.

Then it was off to the wedding (I could only squeeze in so many pics) but it was a great weekend, and the best time with my family!  And I finally got to wear my DVF Veda dress and my Love me Knot heels from J.Crew!

Lastly a shoutout to the Bride & Groom...CONGRATS!  It was lovely and I adored the birds that sat atop the cake!

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