New From Old Navy

Okay so I went to Old Navy for the first time in a couple of years hoping to get my hands on a pair of booties like Jane's, unfortunately they didn't have my size, but I did come out a winner on a few other fronts.

After spending five years in Chicago the "color" black and I became quite fond of one another, and aside from a few pops of color in the summer I tend to steer clear of brights for the most part.  Perhaps now you'll have a better understanding of how shocking my Old Navy purchases are.
I notoriously hate pink more than pretty much any color, but I could not resist this skirt!  Admittedly my mind immediately went to the dark needed some black to tone it down...
I decided that since the Holiday's are here it would be fun to style the neon pink as a Holiday look.  So I paired it with this top from The Roo Vintage, my favorite necklace full of sparkle from J. Crew, and finished it off with a belt.  What a great alternative to sequins and sparkles...still festive but not literal.
My eyes immediately spotted this dress on the sale rack.  It is giving me major Prada SS '11 flashbacks, and also reminding me of this post from July.
I figured that since the colors were already crazy I might as well throw on a red leather jacket to finish it off. I definitely feel like this is Holiday party appropriate too.  P.S. don't you love when you're in your high school room and there are bags full of photos and empty albums that are still lying around from your graduation open house...?

The best thing about these two lovely pieces??  Their prices...check it out!!
Even better............

And there ya have it...for a whopping $16.46 I have two new favorite ways to wear color this winter!  Also welcome for the first time putting her modeling skills to work, last years number one Christmas dress form!!  Still messing around with how to photograph her, but expect to see her around more often!

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