Sartorial Daytrip: Savannah, GA

A week ago I drove down to Savannah for the day, it's a trip I had been wanting to take all summer.  I finally got the chance to meet up with the lovely and wonderful Allie Morris (click on her name to check out her amazing blog).  Here are some photos from the day (mostly of the parks and scenery)...I promise there are more to come, they'll be popping up around here for a while.

The day started with an ominous and sometimes VERY rainy drive.  They don't call this "the lowcountry" for nothin', totally flat and marshy for miles.  There was such beautiful scenery I couldn't help but snap some pics...yeah I probably should have stopped the car...

Lunch at Zunzi's!!  This is Brinton, he was excited about introducing me to the Conquistador.

After lunch I spent the day roaming and found all of these beautiful places, and the amazing squares that are scattered throughout Savannah!

Totally stalking this beautiful garden...

Forsyth Park was amazing, so lush and pretty.  I really loved that Savannah has an element of grit to it that is not apparent in Charleston...yup I loved it.

I wish all parking signs were this cute...and I know it's very simple, but the two toned parking meters add so much character.

Allie and I at Green Truck Pub for dinner!  So happy I could make the trip and spend the day with this lady, it's been a long time coming!

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